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Courses & Workshops

Expand your knowledge and explore your potential with courses and workshops led by Leanne

Spiritual Courses & Workshops

If you're looking to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of yourself and of life, I offer a range of spiritual courses and workshops. 

Through these sessions you’ll learn how to bring greater balance to your life, unlock new perspectives, and explore the potential you carry within.

Course and workshop topics include:

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  • Tarot Reading

  • Auras

  • Chakras

  • Reiki Healing

Courses can be private or in a group, and are run based on demand. If you're interested in growth and learning in these areas please get in touch below.

Enquire about Courses

Information and Bookings

If you'd like to enquire about upcoming courses and workshops or register your interest, please drop me a message here and I'll get right back to you!

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Thankyou, I'll be in touch!