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Tarot Parties

Share the experience of Tarot with friends.

A theme, nibbles, drinks, make the evening yours!

Host a Tarot Party!

A Tarot Party is a wonderful way to share the experience of Tarot with friends.

Over the course of the afternoon or evening hosted at your home, you and your guests each receive a 15-minute personal Tarot Reading, long enough to receive genuine guidance on one or two questions that you’d like to find answers to. You can each make a recording of your Reading if you like.

These Tarot events are always a memorable experience. If you like you can add your own spin to the event to make it yours, whether that’s a particular theme, a classic High Tea or simply wine and nibbles, anything goes!

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If you'd like to host your own Tarot Party you'll need a minimum of four people. The maximum number of readings is ten, but you can invite as many guests as you like.  The cost is $30 per reading, with your reading discounted to $25 as the host.

For your party you'll need a separate room that we can set up as the Reading area. This will allow your guests a peaceful private place for their Reading while the rest of the party fun carries on in your main area.

You may like to suggest to your guests that they download a recording app on their phone before they come so they can listen back on their Reading after the evening has ended.

If you're ready to book or if you have more questions, just send a message below and I'll get right back to you.

Book Your Tarot Party!

Information and Bookings

If you'd like more information about hosting a Tarot Party, or to make a booking, please drop me a message here including your potential dates and times and I'll get right back to you!

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